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Dyson chooses Malaysia as its New Hub - Johor Bahru Malaysia

As Cited in (The Asian Age, 2018)...

Dyson, best described as a company that innovates to unleash disruptive technologies to the world, recently announced launch of a massive development center in Malaysia. Focused in creating technology-driven solutions in floorcare, health and beauty. Dyson innovates in these areas by breaking down its R&D into categories such as solid state battery cells, high-speed electric motors, vision systems, machine learning technologies and AI.

While Dyson is headquartered at Malmesbury, UK, the company has been around in Malaysia since the last 18 years. Dyson came to Malaysia with the idea of making it the hub for South East Asia, and having a team that takes a product from development and design to manufacture. With a promise of hiring 200 engineers over the next few months, Dyson grew its presence in Malaysia from 350sqm to 35,000sqm. Situated in Johor, just across the border from Singapore, the Dyson Malaysia Development Center (MDC) houses 22 test and prototyping labs for every one of its product lines. From crash endurance to radiation detection to sound management, the labs at MDC reflect the ideologies that the brand hinges on -- quality, ruggedness, usability and minimalism.

The Asian Age. (2018, December 22). From Malmesbury to Malaysia - Dyson chooses Malaysia as its new hub. Retrieved from The Asian Age:

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